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Snugg Wireless Ipad Keyboard

When I got my Ipad I had the intentions of taking it too school to replace my 16 in laptop that was becoming a drag to carry around. Now I have this amazing Snugg blue tooth wireless keyboard that I can take with me anywhere inside my purse. It comes so handy. I can blog during my lunch break at work, I can use it when I don't feel like turning on my computer, and even better I can use it when I travel.

(It snaps to your Ipad, it looks like a small laptop)

I was sick last week and I worked on many things still laying in bed. The keyboard helps you out a lot because if you own an Ipad you know it can be a drag to use the screen keyboard.

This keyboard is amazing you can change the brightness setting, raise/lower/mute the volume, change, play pause songs from your Itunes, watch a slide show of your pictures, search the Internet with one button or go to the home page. If I list all the things it would make a long one. This is definitely a must have for anyone that own an Ipad! 

Snugg has been generous to offer one of my readers a keyboard just like this one for any of the Ipads listed here! You can use the Rafflecopter bellow to enter. Giveaway starts October 2 and ends November 2. Open to 18+ US only. 

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Disclosure: This was brought to you by and I was provided product to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.


Natalie said…
I would love to add a silver stylus!
noblelord said…
I like that the wireless keyboard fits different tablets.
Joey J said…
I'd love to add the headrest mount holder!

THanks for the chance to win!

Joey J.
Joey J said…
I'm most excited about this feature:

Bluetooth interface with long battery life!


Joey J.
Robin Wilson said…
I would like to add the Power 8Ah Lightning Fast Portable Charger
Robin Wilson said…
I love Bluetooth interface with long battery life
Paula V said…
Snugg Pack of 2 iPad 2 High Transparency Screen Protectors
Paula V said…
From amazon, I like the High Quality Lightweight Materials feature
Kristin H said…
I would love to add the stylus, that would be handy with my iPad
I love the fact that its bluetooth which means that I don't have to have them both together at all times. From Amazon I love how there's so many colors to choose from.
jessie2247 said…
I'd like to add the portable charger
jessie2247 said…
I like the bluetooth with long battery life
Jim Lipscomb said…
I would like a battery bank with it.
Jim Lipscomb said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jim Lipscomb said…
I like that it is bluetooth enabled
wen budro said…
I would love to add their iPad mini live wire.

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