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Pink Lace Up

It has been HOT! Here in California. Which gives me no desire to go out. I suffer from migraines so I avoid the sun when I can. It was finally a gloomy day or so I thought. Once I took my pics I was struggling so bad with my eyes. Because I forgot my glasses and even though the sky was grey. The sun was hiding there behind the clouds. Anyways done with the rant lol. This is a super fast outfit and one of my go-to. A cute top, high waisted denim and a pair of nude heels.
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It's Wedding Season!!

It is wedding season! That means that by now you're probably wondering what am I going to wear? Well let me give you an option. I chose this beautiful knit dress that works great for any special event. It has gathering on the sides which is a little bit flattering for those of us that have a little tummy. It is very stretchy and comfortable. For those who are embarrassed by their arms, it covers that area as well. I know that is something that I look into when I wear dresses because it is one of the areas where I am most uncomfortable with. I am 5'1 so this fits like a midi dress but I am sure it will look flattering on taller girls. 

iluvsarahiiXColourpop Lip Swatches

I am a big fan of Colourpop and when Karen from iluvsarahii announced in her Snapchat that she was coming out with a collection with them I did 2 things, I set up my alarm on launch date and time and then I told everyone I could about it. So when it launched the website was slow, this is expected when hundreds of people are on the site at the same time. When I was finally in...Guess what? It was sold out!!!! I was checking up constantly on her snapchat and Instagram to see if they restocked and they did so as soon as she announced it I headed back and I was able to get my hands on these goodies. I really wanted the lipsticks. I love the shadows too but I have shadows to last me years and if you know anything about makeup you know it has a short self life. I also have a lot of lipsticks but these I wear so much it doesn't really matter. Also these items are still available in some shades.

Scentspraytions Review

I have been curious about essential oils for quite some time. Never really went for it because I was never informed. Now I was contacted by Mindy the owner of ScentSpraytions to review her products. She is a very passionate and educated woman. She knows the benefits and quality of her products. I was able to have a chat with her on her products and the benefits of essential oils. She runs her own company and it is family owned. So what are Essential Oils? Essential oils are extracted from plants with the purest healing properties. These oils can be use for aromatherapy which helps with physical, emotional and mental health. There are so many benefits to essential oils! Who would've thought that adding a little dab of this liquid can help you fight a cold or take some stress away, also balances hormones. It can improve your digestive system, reduce wrinkles, heal some skin conditions and one of my favorites: clean your home. Without even knowing it I've use essential oil's …

GlassesShop Aviators Review

I have worked with Glasses Shop before both prescription and sunglasses that it doesn't surprise me how consistent their quality and pricing. If you need a prescription this is the place to go. I have had my prescription glasses from here last year and I will be able to keep on using them since my vision has not changed. But through all this time they are still working wonderfully and are in pretty good shape. So I am expecting nothing less of these sunnies. They are great for my migraines because they are black. I love the gold details and did I mention they are unisex. 

Camouflage OOTD

I know it is Summer still but I cannot live without my Olive and Camo. It was a fairly cold and rainy day and I wore an all black outfit with this camouflage jacket that I am currently obsessing over. It is a great jacket to layer and to wear on a chilly day. It has pockets which is great to carry your phone. But I just had to use my other great item...the Rossi Handbag. A camo jacket is a wardrobe staple that you can wear so many different ways. You can pair it with denim, chambray top or a midi skirt for a feminine touch. I will be posting different ways to style when I get a chance.

Giorgio Armani ACQUA DI GIÒ Review

Ladies and Gentlemen! The search is over. I know we all struggle to find the special man in your life something special. Gifts are a bit difficult, I don't know about you gals but it is something I always struggle. I mean what do you give your dad, brother, boyfriend or husband. It is always a 75% of failure when it comes to gift giving. But I finally found something that is great and we can both enjoy!  So I received the Giorgio Armani ACQUA DI GIÒ cologne for men to review and I have to say I am a fan. I like to think men like their scent to be pleasant for the special lady in their lives. This one is it. It is fresh, light, clean everything I enjoy in a scent for myself.
Disclaimer: Products received for free by regardless all opinions are my own.