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90's Baby OOTD

I wanted to give you another idea of how we can style the plaid tunic. I think it is a great piece. You can definitely turn it into a casual look with a pair of leggings and some booties. Or something like this. I am seriously feeling a lumberjack look 😂 what do you guys think?
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Mixing Metallics

Wearing a trend or a fabric you think might not be so flattering can be a bit scary. I like with food try anything once before I decide I like it or not. So I have mentioned before I am not a fan of pink but I am loving this light pink that is everywhere now. This is in my opinion the easiest and safest way to wear metallics and pink.  Top: JustFab Foiled HiLow Top| Denim: Rollup Slim Crop| Backpack: JustFab William| Shoes: JustFab Leander

Inspired by Selena Quintanilla

I hope you guys are catching the pattern here. For the last few post they have all been 90's inspired. In the 90's there was a Tex Mex singer called Selena Quintanilla. She was beautiful, fun, flirty, sexy and edgy. I felt inspired to do this look based on her style. OH! and you can't forget the signature red lips.

Patched Up OOTD

I love versatile jackets, I am all about layering and when the weather permits you will find me in a jacket. Today was a chilly morning so I decided to take a fairly feminine outfit and give it a little edge, What I like about the jacket is that it comes with removable patches. You can also add more if you like. The hardware and details of the jacket make it unique. Definitely a must when it comes to Fall pieces.

Kinzd Women's Wallet

Have you gals ever struggled with finding a wallet that fit your small crossbody? I know I have and just now have I found one that fits my needs. I needed something cute, small enough to fit all my needs. But I am also very concerned for my identity safety because I have lost my ID and cards in the past. I have had to carry them in my pocket either in my pants or jacket. That is a bad risk. Now I no longer have to do that. The small Kinzd Upgraded Accordion Wallet has enough compartments for my cards, cash and a ID window which I enjoy. The wallet comes in 4 colors; the classic black with gold hardware which is the one I received, a purple, blue and red. They are all great fun colors. In the accordion, it can fit up to 10 cards. This comes in handy when traveling or carrying your business cards, like I do. You can also carry cash of course, if you like. I know I rarely do but it comes in handy when you need it. If you are want to keep everything organized and in place the front snap…

The New Neutral! Millenial Pink

Who doesn't love neutrals! I know I am all about them but I have recently acquire Love for pink. Ive never really been a big fan but I have learned to add it to my wardrobe. It is never too late to wear pink and depending on how you style you can make this super casual with sneakers, or go full glam with an up do, nude lips and strappy sandals. Dress: JustFab T-Shirt Dress| Jacket: JustFab Draped Button Up Jacket| Shoes: JustFab Leander

Modern Grunge OOTD

What I love about fashion is that you can be anyone and express yourself how ever you like. Trends come and go and you do not have to have a defined style. I find it very easy to transition between glam to boho chic and turn a grunge look modern. I really like this tunic because you can wear it so many ways. Like how I am wearing it, or around your waist or wearing a slip and buttoning it up.