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A Little Boho OOTD

When styling your outfits I find that the best way to dress up any outfit is through your shoes. I have a rather easy, comfortable outfit that you can pretty much wear any day. I love denim jackets, they are great for all weather, every season and you can wear them for years.
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Bioken Enfanti m72 Ceramide Shine Serum Review & Giveaway

Getting the right protection for your hair is crucial to healthy and beautiful hair. When ever you style your hair with any heat tools it is important to remember it need protection. We want to avoid dry, lifeless hair and that means the split ends that come with every single hair straightener. Having used Bioken Enfanti before I trust and believe that it does a great job in achieving just that. The m72 Ceramide collection includes a Shampoo & Conditioner, a Treatment Mask, Shine Lotion and of course the Shine Serum.  They are all affordable and can be purchased HERE. Since I use hot tools almost everyday. It is really easy yo forget to give your hair the protection it needs. The shine serum is great to prevent split ends, dry lifeless hair and gives smooth and a shiny finish. It is not extremely oily or leaves your hair looking dirty.

AVG for Android

Computer security is important but did you know that you should also protect your phone or tablet. We all know and trust AVG with our computers. With over 100 million downloads AVG helps protect against viruses, spyware, malware and scamware.  It comes with added bonuses! You can also track your phone, secure private apps, protect messages, photos and more. It also helps with battery usage and storage. So no more having to erase your photos to download an app.

Flowers and Florals

I am loving these Distressed Jeans from Just Fab, I typically have to cuff them or wear them with the excess fabric because I am short. But this is the perfect length! Of course I also love these shoes and the purse! I just had to have it. This look is very simple and comfortable. You can dress up with heels or wear sneakers for a walk at the park. The Rossi Crossbody can be used without the strap for a cute little bag.

I am May's Bombshell at Just Fab!!!

I am so happy to announce that I am May's Bombshell at Just Fab. I am so happy to share these images with you and I will be sharing a couple more on Instagram with Outfit details. As a Featured stylist we got to style some of May's merchandise for the month with a "persona". It was so much fun and I am so happy I got to do it. I got to style and choose outfits I think are great for all the sexy bombshells. I enjoy working with a company that embraces all body types, shapes and sizes. I love that I can find things I usually struggle getting in other stores. Because lets face it we are not all size 0 or models! My goal as a stylist is to help others feel great about themselves through their wardrobe. I feel like clothing or wearing the right clothing for your body gives you that extra bit of confidence we all need. 

Sexy Criss Cross OOTD

This Sexy Criss Cross One piece will have all the girls rethinking their swimsuit choice. It flatters your assets while keeping everything in place and the details are one of a kind! Perfect for beach to brunch. I really love the criss cross detail in the front and back of the swimsuit. And for the ladies that want more booty coverage, this one is perfect for you. I felt confident, comfortable and sexy. Ironically I felt more confident in the swimsuit itself than covered up with the maxi. Sometimes less is more. 

Best Swimsuits to Compliment Your Body Type by Mia Taylor

Sure, they’ll call you an apple, a pear, an inverted triangle or God-knows-what-else when the time comes to categorize your body, but the reality is –no one ever talks like that when they’re actually buying clothes, underwear or swimwear. A woman will go to the store and say “I need something to cover up my hips and emphasize my breasts” or “My booty is too flat and my chest too big, what’s the best solution to plump up the first and tone down the latter?”