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Coat Call OOTD

This month's Hot Piece definitely has to be this Military Faux Wool Coat. It is in my favorite color, Olive Green and it is so flattering on all body types. It is a great lenght perfect for evening or a cold day. Serves its purpose of keeping you warm and cozy while looking stylish. Again a piece you can dress up or down.

Dare to Drape OOTD

I just love an outfit that is sexy, versatile and feminine, this jumpsuit is all of that and more. I like that you can wear it to work, or a date night. Just change your shoes and handbag and you are good to go.

Red Wine OOTD

Plum Luxe OOTD

Plaid to The Woods OOTD

Top: Just Fab Grommet Plaid Shirt | Bottoms: High Waisted Jeggings | Jacket: Embellished Biker Jacket | Shoes: Freda

Actress Melissa Bolona Performs Alongside Maggie Grace in Rob Cohen's The Hurricane Heist

Fans of Melissa Bolona might remember her from her role in The Year of Spectacular Men.  According to the Melissa Bolona IMDb page, that movie is a romantic comedy about a young woman’s relationships with her family, friends, and romantic prospects.  Her newest movie, The Hurricane Heist, has a completely different tone.  It is a thriller set in an evacuated coastal town during a category 5 hurricane.

Little Red Dress OOTD

I love fit and flare styles, they are so flattering to almost all body types. I overlooked this dress because I thought the fabric was going to make it look cheap but once I tried it, I fell in love. It is thick and you can feel the quality is very different. I like this dress from Just Fab because it is unique a little flirty and little sporty.
Dress: Mesh Fit and Flare | Jacket: Embellished Biker Jacket | Shoes: Sharona

Kenra Professional Snail Collection Review

Kenra Professional launched a brand new line of haircare based on Korean beauty secret. I received the Kenra Platinum Snail Collection in the mail and I was both excited but skeptical about it. Through all the styling my hair is still lifeless!!! So of course I had to give myself some time trying this out and see if this is really going to work out. Snail essence is Koreans anti-aging beauty secret. We all have heard about Korean beauty products they must be doing something right because they all look amazing from anywhere to their flawless skin to perfect straight hair.

Total Flirt OOTD

I am obsessed with anything that can go from work to play. I don't always have the time to spend and it is either one thing or the other. That is why this outfit is perfect. All you do is change a few things like your hair and makeup or shoes and handbag. I would change my handbag into a crossbody. The shoes are perfect for a night out.