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Work It Out

This month we are taking it Varsity Chic. LA vibes or what you mix in during your days in college. I have never been sporty or even wore loungewear out at all. I used to believe that once you wore sweatpants out in the streets you have given up on life. (no offense to anyone who does) I have always appreciated the feeling you get when you dress up, wear a pair of heels and some makeup. Anyways now it is different I have learned that you can dress up pretty much anything and look amazing. It is all about knowing your body and having confidence. I love this look, it is a little glam, sexy, comfy at the same time. After wearing heels all day I switched up to these cute tennis shoes that were perfect for a day out. 

   Top: Blocked Cold Shoulder Top | Bottoms: Colorblocked Jogger | Handbag:  Gramm Crossbody | Shoes: Marlo Bootie and Ryane Sneaker


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