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When Sheet Mask Review

One of my favorite and go-to face products have to be sheet mask. I use them before events, when I need a little me time. They are easy to use with minimal mess what is not to like. I have used When Mask in 10:00 PM and Glamour Base before so now I get to experience the whole pack. Each mask has its own purpose, for example they hydrate, brighten, and rejuvenate your skin.

From Summer to Fall

I am a Fall/Winter person, I love layering and I love my booties. This outfit is perfect not only for those of us who love Fall but for the boho girls. The peasant dress is really flattering on almost all body types. It fits longer on me because I am short but I am sure it would look great on a taller girl. I am also wearing what I call a must have in all closets, That item is the belted Cardigan. I don't know what it is about it but it finishes so many looks and gives you a put together look. Even if you are short it looks great,

Work It Out

This month we are taking it Varsity Chic. LA vibes or what you mix in during your days in college. I have never been sporty or even wore loungewear out at all. I used to believe that once you wore sweatpants out in the streets you have given up on life. (no offense to anyone who does) I have always appreciated the feeling you get when you dress up, wear a pair of heels and some makeup. Anyways now it is different I have learned that you can dress up pretty much anything and look amazing. It is all about knowing your body and having confidence. I love this look, it is a little glam, sexy, comfy at the same time. After wearing heels all day I switched up to these cute tennis shoes that were perfect for a day out.