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Guest Post: Important Rules for Younger Skin After 40 by Diana Smith

You probably never thought about your skin in your 20s and you could just wash your face and go. However, 20 years later some bigger skincare measures need to be taken. Also, some of the products you used to use when you were younger might be too harsh or drying on your aging skin. All those changes and sensitivity appear due to decreased production of collagen and elastin which keep our skin young, fresh and almost indestructible. So, in order to replenish collagen and elastin and help your skin recover faster, there are some changes to be made.

Daily skincare

The first most important element of daily skincare is hydration. Since your skin can get easily damaged by weather conditions, you have to make sure it gets enough moisture to get you through the day. Accordingly, you need to apply moisturizers every day before going out or going to bed. Also, it is essential to use sunscreen with some moisturizing effects. Furthermore, your makeup products should help you preserve moisture so look for foundation and concealers with moisturizing effects. Another great trick for keeping your skin healthy and hydrated is by using a non-drying toner that will draw the moisture to the surface of your skin and make it look smoother and tighter.

Weekly skincare
Besides your regular daily routines, you will need to include some other routines but on a weekly basis – exfoliation and application of masks. In order to help your skin get rid of unwanted oils and dirt which can clog up your pores, you will need to exfoliate once a week if your skin is dry. However, if it is rather oily, you can exfoliate two times a week. Besides getting rid of dirt and preventing blemishes, it will help you diminish fine lines and your skin will be able to absorb moisturizers better. As far as masks are concerned, use them once or twice a week in order to hydrate your skin and prevent any new fines lines and wrinkles.

Important products

For some dramatic improvements of your skin, you will need professional help. However, there are some products that will help you feel better and more comfortable which can make satisfying changes on your skin. For your fine lines and wrinkles, there is nothing better than some of the Ultraceuticals serums with a high concentration of pure retinol microparticles. Besides these, there are many other brands that offer moisturizing sunscreen with an SPF factor of 30 and higher which will help you protect your skin from being damaged by the sun. You can also rely on products with Q10 coenzyme from Nivea in order to boost antioxidant protection and collagen production.

Lifestyle changes

Finally, you will need to work on your lifestyle in order to provide the best care for your skin. You should focus on prevention as much as you focus on repair and maintenance. If you are a smoker, consider quitting since it speeds up the aging process and dries out your skin. Also, don’t rely solely on sunscreen to protect you from the sun; rather cover your skin with light fabrics and wear hats and sunglasses when going out. Lastly, you should change your diet a little bit; Incorporate more lean proteins, fruits and veggies into your diet. These are essential since they contain a wide range of vitamins, such as vitamin B3, A, C and E which will encourage the collagen production, help you fight free radicals with antioxidants and they will keep your whole body healthy.

Hitting the 40s might sound scary since the skin starts to change drastically. However, there is no need to be afraid if you are following these important rules for skin care routine.

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls and a great fashion lover. In her fee time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.


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