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Festival Season is here and guess what! We want to look cure right. I have found the perfect dress from for a great price. is a one stop shop to basically anything you might need or want.

Guest Post: Important Rules for Younger Skin After 40 by Diana Smith

You probably never thought about your skin in your 20s and you could just wash your face and go. However, 20 years later some bigger skincare measures need to be taken. Also, some of the products you used to use when you were younger might be too harsh or drying on your aging skin. All those changes and sensitivity appear due to decreased production of collagen and elastin which keep our skin young, fresh and almost indestructible. So, in order to replenish collagen and elastin and help your skin recover faster, there are some changes to be made.
Daily skincare
The first most important element of daily skincare is hydration. Since your skin can get easily damaged by weather conditions, you have to make sure it gets enough moisture to get you through the day. Accordingly, you need to apply moisturizers every day before going out or going to bed. Also, it is essential to use sunscreen with some moisturizing effects. Furthermore, your makeup products should help you preserve moisture so …

Hot Days! OOTD

Today was a really hot day. I am the kind of person who loves layering. But recently it has been too hot to even go outside. So I chose this beautiful Romper I purchased last month at Forever 21. It is super cute and comfortable. 

Creating a Timeless/Staple Wardrobe

Every girl needs these key pieces on their closet. These are items that you will use for a long time and that never go out of style. These items are basics and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Ready for Business OOTD

There shouldn't be a reason your clothes don't allow you to have fun after work. It is so easy as to changing your shoes to something a bit more sexy like these strappy heels. So ladies get ready for Happy Hour because you can go from work to play in a matter or minutes. 

Poppy Red OOTD

I love olive everything...but sometimes you look like you wear the same outfit. To spice it up it is a great idea to change up the color schemes. You can pair it with reds or pinks for a fun and flirty look. So get out of your comfort zone and try it!

Linen Moto Jacket OOTD

I am having so much fun styling the April Showroom pieces from Just Fab. I am in love with the colors and styles. My favorite color is Olive Green, when it comes to fashion. It is a great color for medium to dark skin tones. I love pairing olive green with Neutral accessories just like these. I know I have worn these shoes and handbag on a previous OOTD but that is because these styles are great!

From Work to Beach OOTD

Love the cute colors and styles for Spring, what I do not like is this horrible wind that does not allow you to enjoy it. I know, I know I should not complain but I like my weather warm not Hot or super cold. That means I can wear maxi skirts and maxi dresses like this outfit I have here for a day out in the city or boardwalk to beach. You can just tie a knot on the skirt and use at the beach! I also changed my wedges for the Dela sandal that is comfortable and perfect for a Boardwalk stroll at the beach.   

Top: Just Fab Floral Tie Back Top | Maxi Skirt: Just Fab Knit Maxi Skirt | Shoes: Just Fab Dela & Hunter | Necklace:Just Fab (No longer available) | Handbags: Just Fab Jamison & Morton

Disclaimer: Some of the products were received for reviewing purposes. Regardless all opinions are my own.