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Guest Post: How to Fight Allergie by Alex Williams

Allergies are one of the biggest nuisances that can ruin our day. It is estimated that around 50 million
people suffer from allergies in the US alone, and that number is still rising. They are caused by numerous allergens which lurk around everywhere and many make the wrong conclusion to think that the safest place to avoid them is at home. There are a lot of items that can harbor allergens, and in order to make your house allergen free, we have prepared some easy to follow tips and tricks.

Home remedies

There are ways you can fight a running nose, and itchy eyes caused by allergies by preparing remedies at home. You can prepare a hot nettle peppermint tea and add honey or sugar if you want to make it sweeter. The peppermint found in the tea contains a flavonoid that functions as an antihistamine, preventing the excessive secretion of enzymes, which prevents inflammation. You will need a teaspoon of dried peppermint, a teaspoon of nettle, some honey and 8 ounces of fresh water in orde…

Chefs Limited Whistling Tea Kettle Review

It is the time of gifting and what better gift than this beautiful Chefs Limited Whistling Tea Kettle. I am a tea lover and I absolutely had to try out this tea kettle. It is a great addition to a modern kitchen. Looking into the pot you find that it has a silicon handle that allows you to handle without burning yourself. The whistle that can be easily removed makes a cute little whistling sound that notifies you when the water is boiling. Because it is Winter time you can enjoy coffee, tea, hot chocolate and more in this kettle. 

Pine Bros Softish Throat Relief Review

After a week and a half of being sick I am left with a horrible cough. Thankfully I had just received the Pine Bros. Softish Throat Relief a few weeks back. My first thought was they would be similar to any other cough drop I had tried in the past. They are a "softish" throat drop which can be compared to almost gummy like. I really enjoy these drops because they are not hard or too soft, they melt in your mouth giving you a sweet taste and soothe your throat.  I am still enjoying the cough drops and I will be sharing with other family members that are currently sick as well.

Hask Hair Chia Seed Oil Volumizing Collection Review

I am very excited to share yet gain a Hask product I am absolutely in love with. This is the Hask Chia Seed Oil Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner duo that have hydra boost. I have always had straight hair and liveless for that matter so a volumizing shampoo is exactly what I need. With previous Hask products I have had great results so I had high hopes for this one since the beginning. 
What I love about this collection is that it is free of sulfates, parabens, alcohol and artificial colors. Hask has a variety of products for your special hair needs, including  Hask give results they added volume to my usually straight hair. My hair looks healthier and gives me a natural bounce that I usually achieve by blow drying my hair and teasing it. 

Hask Hair products are very affordable, you get salon quality hair for the price of drugstore. They are $6 a piece and in my opinion a great investment for your beauty routine. They save you time and money and I recommend it to everyone. You shoul…

Kareena OOTD

I am loving the knee high boots from JustFab! They are great and perfect for the holidays to layer or with jeans. I am all currently about dresses and knee high boots. 
Cardigan: Express Dress: Q Fashion Boots: Just Fab Kareena in Taupe