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YoDerm Review

If you suffer from acne like I do and nothing has worked for you, you might want to consider YoDerm. YoDerm is an online consultation that through the comfort of your computer or cell phone you can get diagnosed and prescribed the best medication for your skin type. It is very simple. I received a complimentary consultation and got prescribed accordingly based on the pictures I provided. At my age I do not understand why I keep getting acne. I have oily skin and I am very sensitive to many over the counter acne creams and soaps so I just deal with covering it up with makeup. Of course that is not the solution because there is a bigger problem.

Pique Tea Crystals Review

I enjoy nothing better than a cup of tea in the morning with the cold weather. But lately, I started the military diet which consist of drinking green tea in the morning with a toast and grapefruit for breakfast. I cannot get enough of Pique Tea Crystals. I was impressed not only by the simple yet sophisticated packaging. The packages are a quick and easy way to save time when you are on the go. Plus each package of tea crystals is enough for 8 oz. 

QUAYXDesiPerkins Review & OOTD

I have been a long time follower of Youtuber and Makeup Artist Desi Perkins. I love her style and I was super excited to know that she was going to collaborate with Quay Australia to design her own sunnies. And like many of the girls I set up my alarm 10 minutes before 9am to be on the website and purchase the High Key in black (seen on Jlo, Kendal Jenner & other Kardashians!!!). They were sold out in 10 minutes. Unfortunately I regreted not getting the gold but I did manage to get a hold of 3 more pairs from the Nordstrom website. They are no longer in stock in most websites. Desi did mention on her Snapchat that they will be adding another color and restocking in the High Key's later around September.