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ColourPop UltraMatte Lipstick

I am so excited to try out the Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lipsticks. First off I never actually believed in the packaging of a tube and a wand. I have always just purchased lipsticks. Another thing although it was so big was the actually believing a gloss like cosmetic can actually stay matte. Opening the package it came in a bubble envelope so the lipstick package was squished, no big deal nothing was broken. You get a few cute little items like the postcard and flyer for the collection you ordered.

Does it Really Work? Nivea Men Post Shave Balm

I am sure many of you have heard about the Nivea Men Post Shave Balm doing miracles for oily faces. Well I am one of them. My make last an hour, three tops without getting super oily on my T-Zone. I have it I have tried so many things, different moisturizers, foundations, matte primers and nothing really gets rid of the problem. My sister tried this first before I did and she claims it really does work. So now its my turn. I tested out this product replacing my moisturizer with this. I was told you are suppose to apply a small dime size and rub it on your face right before your foundation so that is what I did. Make sure to let it fry before you apply foundation. I dabbed with the beauty blender. Let it dry then apply foundation.  

Just after applying foundation, my complete makeup looks these are all finished makeup look using the Nivea Shave Balm. 

I went through my day and noticed I started getting oily again after a few hours. Like I mentioned my sister uses this shave balm as we…

Mozzarella Sticks Recipe

Ingredients:  1 pack of Mozzarella String Cheese 1 bag of Cheese Cheetos 1/2 of Flour 3 Eggs
These are very delicious and so easy to make. Make "bread crumbs" out of the Cheetos in a food processor or blender either is fine.  I used a whole bag but depending on how many you are making. You can also do the same with Doritos or any chip you like.