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The perfect brows with Billion Dollar Brows

Eyebrows are an essential to making the perfect makeup look. I feel like most of us struggle with eyebrows. I know I am not an expert with it but with Billion Dollar Brows I was able to create a better makeup look, a sharper look in just a minute or two. It is that easy! So I received 2 items the Billion Dollar Brows Best Seller Kit and the 60 seconds to Beautiful Brows. I was very lucky to have natural full eyebrows until I started threading, don't get me wrong I will not do anything but thread my eyebrows but thanks to a special someone my eyebrows are thinner, uneven and one is shorter than the other. I feel like a lot of women don't pay as much attention to their brows as they should.  I know we don't all do our makeup everyday but I do believe eyebrows make a great difference and should be considered even with minimal makeup. 

In the best sellers kit we can find a smudge brush that is great to blend the brow pencil. A Brow gel that keeps your eyebrows in place to create the perfect polished look. The universal brow pencil that can be used in any type of hair color or skin tones. Finally my favorite the Brow duo pencil that has a concealer and highlighter in one. These are a $42 value that are very well worth every penny. What I love is that there is literately everything that you need to do your eyebrows. The pencil is my favorite, for a while I have been using powder but now that I have tried this pencil I don't think I would go back. Using a very light hand you fill in your brows in a few seconds. I brush my brows with the brow bush in the other end of the pencil. I fill in the arch of my brows and lightly fill the rest. Then I brush again. After that I use the concealer from the duo pencil for the brow bone. This will ensure that small mistakes will be covered and for my pencil to look sharp. I only use the highlighter when I am doing a dramatic eyeshadow look or for night. I blend the concealer with the smudge brush. Finally I use the brow get to complete and keep my eyebrows in place the whole day. I am absolutely in love with this kit and I think this is a keeper. I am sure I will keep on purchasing this kit as I run out. 

 Closer look at the Brow Duo Pencil that works great to highlight the brow bone and the concealer that helps with touch ups or hide a few hairs that you might have growing around the area. I love how creamy they both are they have great coverage and are blendable. You can use the smudge brush to achieve a sharp look.
Swatches Top: Concealer Bottom: Highlighter

If you havent already make sure to enter the giveaway to win this amazing brow kit. 

Disclaimer: Sponsored post powered by Brandbacker. This giveaway is sponsored by Billion Dollar Brows


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