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May Rocksbox

Rocksbox never disappoints! This month I received 3 pieces that I absolutely love, although I would not use as a set (like last month's). I think that these pieces are great for Spring/Summer and the Trina Turk necklace is a wardrobe staple! I think the ladies at Rocksbox know me really well because they send me jewelry I would actually wear.

On Trend Prom Dresses with Missdressshop

We are always looking to look our best and apart from hair and makeup our dress is the next big thing. The dress makes or breaks those prom pictures you will be looking at years from now. Trust me its been 6 years since mine and I still have the pictures wondering why I chose the date I did...Anyways to give you a little help I have partnered with missdressshop to give you girls looking for something great to wear in one of the most memorable days of your senior year. So red carpet looks are so in today and I have found some amazing prom dresses that will surely be the talk of the night. I am in love with these dresses. They are the right amount of sexy. They are long, form fitting, and glamorous. Sheer is a runway and red carpet trend that all the celebrities are wearing right now. Depending on what you are in to there are many options. For example the very top ivory dress is my favorite. I love the color, the length of the skirt, this dress is unique. The lace appliques on the bodi…

#OOTD Floral

Bioken Enfanti Natural Remedy Review + Giveaway

I love it when I find great products that do wonders for my hair. I struggle a lot with dry, frizzy hair that gets split ends so easily. Because of that I usually get haircuts once a month. Since I use hot tools in a daily basis that is what I was struggling with until now that I have Enfati. So I got a hair cut 2 months ago last weeks of March and started using Bioken in first week of April. I am so happy with the results because up to this day I do not have split ends.  Using the Bioken Enfanti Natural Remedy is very easy you shampoo your hair massaging your scalp, after rinsing apply the treatment and leave on for a few minutes, and lighly rinse with water. After the shower I brush my hair and apply a quarter size of Heat Silk Essence then dry my hair with a blow dryer. It does not have unpleasant scents, it is not easy and it leaves your hair feeling smooth and manageable.

Because I think this product deserves more credit I would love for one of you lovely ladies to witness this …

Neutragena Naturals #WipeforWater

As a member of Influenster I get to try out some amazing products. This time I received Neutrogena Naturals Makeup Remover wipes. Well for me this is one of the best VoxBox that I have received and let me explain why? As many of you know California is in a serious water drought and I live in San Diego. If I can make a bit of a difference in removing my makeup everyday with these wipes I am all in. So I have been using the wipes since I got them. I was waiting to see how my skin reacted to the wipes before sharing with you. So far no pimples or allergic reaction. So what I liked about the wipes is the smell of fresh and clean. The soft silky feel of the wipe and in your face after using it. You can remove all your makeup using one wipe. Trust me its possible!!! My sister and I wear a lot of makeup I did not believe I could only use one wipe but my sister took off all of hers and I started using another one only to see it was not necessary. I woulddefinitely recommend these makeup wipe…