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iGear Iphone 6 plus Sports Armband

Aren't you tired of caring your phone with you walks or runs? Or having it jump around on your pocket while you are on your treadmill. I know I am and because I struggle with this I know many of you do as well. IGear provides a variety of cell phone accessories that are useful and affordable. Just like this Sports Armband. It not only works on IPhones but it also works on Samsung. The screen is visible and you can easily maneuver through it. You can safely take your phone with you and not have to worry about dropping it. You can easily strap it around your arm plug in your headphones and you are good to go. Some added features are: night reflector, adjustable band, key holder and you can wear it over your triceps. It is lightweight and comfortable and made out of nylon and velcro.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Regardless all opinions are my own.

SinfulColors Spring 2015

Like you probably know my love for SinfulColors. Once again I was able to get a hold of these 4 beautiful colors to enjoy before they came out for the public. This spring collection has 24 colors in 3 different trends for the season. Soft pastels with shimmer and glitter, zesty oranges, bright yellows and greens for a citrus inspired colors ready for Spring and calm purples, blues and teals.

One of a Kind Jewelry with Anjolee

Most women like myself enjoy pretty jewelry and when I was asked to do a review on Anjolee jewelry I jumped to the opportunity. So I chose the Anniversary Band from their large selection of anniversary rings. When you are choosing the right one you get so many options on how to make it your own and customize. You can choose metal type, carat weight, diamond quality and much more. The website makes it really easy to navigate and customize. Each item comes with a wooden jewelry box with leatherette interior, certificate of authentication, free shipping and a 30 day return policy.