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DIY First Aid Kit

Have you ever purchased a First Aid Kit (expensive by the way) only to find out it have hundreds of bandages inside. When you are a mommy, college student or just want to be one step ahead you are going to have to make your own first aid kit. 
So I made a bit of research of some basic things you need to have in your medicine cabinet: 

Learn French with Pimsleur

For years I have been curious to learn French. So I jumped to the opportunity. Pimsleur is an easy and efficient way to learn a foreign language. They offer over 50 languages including Russian, Chinese, Spanish and Italian. With all courses being less than 30 minutes you can take your CD anywhere and learn to understand and speak conversational French (in my case) These lessons are great I learned to understand and speak conversational French just in a couple of discs. Not to mention that I can pretty much ask around when I do go to France. The disc are divided in lessons that are short 30 minutes you can do them while cooking or driving. What I did as upload them to my Itunes library and synced to my phone. That way I can listen to it on my way to work or pretty much anywhere. .super easy anyone can do it.
I was excited to learn that along the way I get writing lessons and an online workbook that I can download and print. Although it is a bot pricey you wont be disappointed your pronu…

Like It Love It Want it: HBL Hair Masque

Item number 2 on the Like It Love It Want it monthly subscription sneak peek is the HBL Hair Masque. It is a must have on your hair regime. It is or all hair types and helps you have the best hair or the hair you have a=ever wanted. How does this work exactly? Well I gave it a go after shampooing I used the comb provided (very handy by the way) combed my hair and left on for 2 minutes and rinsed off. Don't you just love getting fast results in 1-2 minutes you can remove the hair masque no more waiting hours or 15 minutes, if you are on the go this is for you. You don't even have to use with a hair dryer.  The results were great. Dry damaged hair turned into silky, shiny smooth and manageable hair. Specially great with this Cali heat couldn't ask for a better hair treatment.
Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  - See more at: ht…

Adovia Mineral Skin Care Mineral Eye Gel

Not having the best of luck with the Adovia Soap I was doubtful about this one. Luckily for me I was wrong! The eye cream is great for puffiness. I applied at night and compared to other days the results were noticeable. After years of trouble sleeping due to my husbands night shifts at work I developed dark circles. Thanks to the eye cream I have seen a great difference in the shade of the dark circles that my husband is now willing to try. It absorbs fast and is very light so you can wear with makeup. This is a great plus since eye creams can be very oily and thick but not this one.
Adovia promises to look 10 years younger, reducing puffiness and dark circles. Making your eyes look more youthful and refreshed and I totally stand by this because the day after while I was getting ready for work I did not look tired like I usually do. Overall I think it is a great product and would recommend. It is available at Amazon.
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using…

Like It Love It Want it: Skinjoy Hand & Body Lotion

Hello Ladies, like I mentioned on my Like It Love It Want it monthly subscription sneak peek I wanted to review the items separately because a great subscription box is hard to find. The first  item on my list would be this Skinjoy Hand and Body Lotion. Well you know from previous post that my skin can be a bit complicated. Therefore it has become a challenge finding products that work well without leaving any secondary effects. I have had bad luck with my fair of good lotions and let me tell you they have been a lot. 
What I like about this lotion is that it is a very light, moisturizing lotion that gives your body a glow. It has a light scent, not overwhelming. I have had other lotions give me red bumps and itchiness on my skin but I did not have a problem with this one. It is a full sized product, not a sample. It is has a convenient pump in a 10 fl. oz bottle and retails for $25-30 alone so that right there covers the cost of the Like It Love It Want it box that is only $29.95 pe…

Products I Regret Buying

This is the first time I am doing a blog about the products that I have purchased and in my opinion wasted my money. I was inspired by Youtuber April from AprilAthena7 after watching her video. So it got me thinking what have I wasted my money on lately! Here is a list of what I regret buying and why they did not work out for me.

Beauty Concepts Naked Eye Pads I think I paid like 4 or 5 for 4 of these eye pads. I wanted to feel refreshed and get rid of the puffiness instead my skin burned! 

LIKE IT, LOVE IT, WANT IT BOX from Health Beauty Life

Have I mentioned how much I love subscription boxes. Well the LIKE IT, LOVE IT, WANT IT BOX from Health Beauty Life is not exception.  This subscription box is not like the others not only do you get full size products but they are items you are really going to love and use. Not to mention you wont get any annoying samples. Inside the box I found the latest issue of Health Beauty Life Magazine  that gives you style tips, health and beauty tips, celebrity interviews and much more.

What to expect: 
At least 5 varying products relating to Health, Beauty, Food, Fashion, or TravelAutomatic delivery every 3 monthsMinimum of $100 retail value per boxCosts only $29.95Delivered 4 times a year right to your doorstep

Nature's Best Vitamin C Serum Review

As we age we start noticing the fine lines and wrinkles appearing on our faces. I have recently started an obsession over them. Though I might me young I am still concerned and like I have said in previous post it is never too early to start. Mystelic Beauty offered me a chance to try Nature's Best Vitamin C Serum with claims to help with many aging problems. Nature's Best Vitamin C Serum  stimulates collagen, reverse signs of aging, remove toxins, and diminish fine lines and wrinkles.
It is very easy to use, just follow the instructions applying on your every day morning and night routine. It is easily absorbed into the skin leaving it feeling soft and moisturized.
You can find more information about Nature's Best Vitamin C Serum and purchase HERE.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Ozeri Wine Accessory Set Review

Ozeri never disappoints, I recently received this great wine accessory set that comes in the best packing I have ever seen. How cool is this. Not only do you have a storage for the items but you can keep it with the rest of the wine bottles and never have to loose, misplace of forget where they are. This makes a great gift for any adult because who doesn't enjoy a glass of wine.

InstaNatural Argan Oil Review

Taking care of my hair is something I care for a lot because I tend to get oily damaged hair with split ends I know It can look terrible. Argan Oil is all the rave right now with beauty experts and bloggers so I could not stay behind and not give InstaNatural a try. I also use heat on my hair several times a week and what is an amazing about InstaNatural is that you can use it as heat and damage protectant and a leave in conditioner. There are no chemicals in this formula that means it is made from 100% plant oils. Besides argan oil, this unique hair treatment formula is compromised of Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil & Grapeseed Oil and many more. If you have dry hair it is the perfect product to add shine. If you have oily hair like me all you need a spray to make a difference. 
To get the best results I suggest adding this to your every day hair routine and you can thanks to the 4 fl. oz bottle it comes in. It comes with a convenient spray that gives you just th…

Sinful Colors Summer 2014 Silk + Satin & Full Throttle

Nail Polish junkies get ready and make space for the Sinful Colors Summer 2014 collection.  I was luck to test out the polishes before they were available at the store. So there are 2 collections here: Silk+Satin and Full Throttle. I got to pick 3 from each one.
Silk & Satin are my favorite! With shimmery matte polishes that are great for a night out or mix and match with your favorite polish.

Lovely Lashes Eyelash Curler Review

A girl loves her lashes and it can become a hassle to wear falsies every single day. Well I know this little tool makes a great difference when it comes to looking great and showing off your eyes. I was not a fan of eyelash curlers because I have natural long curled lashes but even I saw a difference when I used it.  If you don't believe me have a look. 

Adovia Dead Sea Salt Soap Review

I am a huge fan of beauty products that contains dead sea salt. I was able to get my hands on Adovia Moisturizing Mineral Soap. Like many other products that contain dead sea salt I expected nothing but the best. The soap contains a unique combination of Dead Sea minerals and trace elements derived from Dead Sea bath salt. It has a great scent that I cant describe but it reminds me of fresh laundry. 

This soap removes dirt and cleanses your skin, while simultaneously infusing it with minerals essential to keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized. It will leave you feeling silky smooth. I have delicate skin, mostly on my face and legs so I am always looking for products that are good for it. I used it on my face and body. Unfortunately my legs were not cooperating and I got small rashes and itchiness. But again that is just my difficult skin, it worked great on my face and upper body. 
Overall this is a great product that I would recommend. it is has a retail value of $11 which is a re…