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How to fight Sales and Discount Shopping!

We all love to go out and bargain hunt, don't we! But for many of use I mean the majority we do not need those pastel colored shorts for next year. But for those of us who cannot help ourselves here are some tips on fighting discount or sale shopping!

1. Avoid the Mall or Outlet Stores! Unless you have to go straight to what you came for. Looking around makes you think you actually need it.

2. Hide your credit cards! A common mistake we make when we are young is charging our purchases to a credit card and an even worst mistake is getting credit cards for stores with high apr. In reality you spend twice or even more the amount you spend and it lowers your credit score. plus it takes you time to pay it off.

3. Take Cash! If you cannot pay cash then you cannot afford it. This will also help you limit your purchases and makes you think twice about what exactly you want to buy.

4. Ask yourself do you really need it! Many times we buy items we don't need, Why? Because we want it. For example, I have around 20+ handbags. I am not a girl who is into handbags that much but still gets sucked into buying that Michael Kors handbag. Why? Do I need it! NOOO! but I buy it anyways. 

After limiting yourself to smaller unnecessary purchases you will have enough money to get something you really need or a want that is worth it. 


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