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Ozeri Extravo Electric Wine Opener

Yet another Ozeri product success!! I recently received the Ozeri Extravo Electric Wine Opener to review and I have to say it is definitely something everyone who drinks wine should own. Not only was I impressed with the sleek design, but I loved everything about it. It is rechargeable and you can open up to 60 wine bottles (But if you had to I doubt you would be able to lol!)  It removes the cork when it is placed on the wine bottle and lights up blue. It is cordless so you can take it anywhere with you. And if for any reason it gets dirty, it is easy to clean since it is made of stainless steel. What I loved was that it came with a foil cutter that doubles as a stand plus there is a bonus pourer and stopper. What is not to love! I would recommend for anyone who drinks wine. There are so many other products out there that are a waist of time and money. You can purchase this Ozeri wine opener on Amazon for $27.99.

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Trend Alert

Trend Alert: Open Boots


I have recently discovered a new website! It is called ThredUp it is an online consignment store. I see it like a goodwill but the clothes are better, cleaner plus they tell you the condition it is in. Which is amazing. I have bought 4 times from them, finding great goodies. Although I have been disappointed with some items I have to say for the most part they have been amazing. You can find designer pieces at affordable prices. Plus you can even score new items with tags. I a in love with this site and if you love thrifting then this is also for you. Here are a few of the things I have purchased!

Trend Alert: Sporty Chic

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Showered with Love Giveaway!

Welcome to the Showered with Love {Fundraiser Giveaway} to help support our dear blogger friend Belinda and raise funds for her surgery and recovery. As most of you know, she just went in for brain surgery for Chiari Malformation last week (read more about it HERE). We are very thankful that she was able raise some of the funds to have this life saving surgery, but know that she still has a mountain of medical expenses that need to be covered. This is where YOU can help! We decided to have a HUGE giveaway event and invite everyone we know to participate to raise awareness for Belinda and her condition. And in the process you have a chance to win some amazing prizes! ***100% of proceeds from this giveaway will go to benefit Belinda and her Brain Surgery for Chiari Malformation. Please consider making any donation possible to help our our wonderful blogger friend!*** If you feel moved to help please visit her site and donate: If you are not …

How to fight Sales and Discount Shopping!

We all love to go out and bargain hunt, don't we! But for many of use I mean the majority we do not need those pastel colored shorts for next year. But for those of us who cannot help ourselves here are some tips on fighting discount or sale shopping!

1. Avoid the Mall or Outlet Stores! Unless you have to go straight to what you came for. Looking around makes you think you actually need it.

2. Hide your credit cards! A common mistake we make when we are young is charging our purchases to a credit card and an even worst mistake is getting credit cards for stores with high apr. In reality you spend twice or even more the amount you spend and it lowers your credit score. plus it takes you time to pay it off.

3. Take Cash! If you cannot pay cash then you cannot afford it. This will also help you limit your purchases and makes you think twice about what exactly you want to buy.

4. Ask yourself do you really need it! Many times we buy items we don't need, Why? Because we want it. For ex…