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Just Fab November Pick's

So I am a member of Just Fab and I have been for over a year. I love there selection of shoes, bags and jeans. I have posted about them in the past but I really don't post what I get from them every month. Hopefully I can do it more often but these are the pics for this month. ALL SHOES AND HANDBAGS ARE $39.95 You can join here!

Premier Dead Sea Miracle Noir Mask

I was given the opportunity to review this Premier Dead Sea Miracle Noir Mask. I have tried many things in the past for my skin both purchased and sponsored and I have to say this is one that goes to the top of the list. I have seen products similar to this in kiosk in the mall but always turned off by the pushy salespersons. 

How to make Chocolate Covered Strawberries

I have done cake decorating and deserts for a while, I did not go to school for it but I have to say some of the things I do I am really proud of and one of them are my delicious chocolate covered strawberries! So here is a simple way to save money and have a delicious snack. Great to serve or gift!

Disney Christmas Haul

We have only decorated a christmas tree last year so since we enjoy going to Disneyland so much we thought it would be a good idea to decorate our Christmas tree with our favorite Disneyland Characters. And of course since I love shoes I could not pass the opportunity to purchase some of these adorable shoes. I am an annual pass holder so I did get a 15% discount at Disneyland.
Cinderella Shoe Ornament Alice in Wonderland

Operation Smile with CampusBookRentals

I love saving money specially as a college student you want to save as much as you can and one thing I felt like I wasted a lot on was textbooks. They pile up cause a clutter and you never use them again. What a waste!

CampusBook Rentals is amazing for many reasons:
You save 40-90% off of bookstore prices
They offer Free shipping both ways
You can even highlight in the textbooks
Flexible renting periods
They donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rented
and more.... has a new program called RentBack.

RentBack is new initiative that allows students to rent the textbooks they own - to other students... which is awesome because it makes them 2-4x more money compared to what they'd make through buyback options!

Winter Basics

Winter Basics by theprettykitty

Heavy sweaterCashmere hoodieDark-wash jeansWool trousersDown vestBlack cashmere wrap coatWinter coat

NutriCrystal Scale Reflex

Christmas is right around the corner and what better gift to give that health junkie than a NutriScale Reflex. This kitchen scale allows you to track the calories you intake through the ReFleX NutriPlus app. 

FREE Chapstick Holiday Tins!

Go to Chapstick's Facebook page, fill in the blanks and be entered to win one of 200 cute Holiday Tin Cans! Good Luck!

Black Friday Shopping 2013

I am sure many of you are getting ready for the Holiday shopping and you are thinking about Black Friday! Well I have a few tips to make your shopping just a bit easier!
1. Make sure you look at deals before you go anywhere! 2. Make a list of presents that you can potentially give to a certain someone. Maybe things they like or have mentioned wanting to get, (For example Christian- iPad, PS4, Wallet, Leather jacket) That way you have a variety of items on your list because you have to remember many people camp out days ahead even weeks so you are not guaranteed anything.  3. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. There will be a lot of standing and a lot of walking. 4. Be safe a few 100 bucks is not worth the risk of your life or anyone else's either. 
I have also been on the look out for some hot deals these are some places you might want to look at:

AEROPOSTALE: 60% Off Everything!.
AMERICAN EAGLE: They have had everything 50% off previous years! 

BA STAR Holiday Red Lips

BA Star is the number one leading brand to cheerleaders, dancers and performers and I got the chance to review another of their great products. This time it is one of my favorite beauty products....the red lip color! This is amazing not only because I love red lips but because I know from past experience that a BA Star product is definitely worth trying. (You can read my eyeshadow and base here!)

TMART Travel Makeup Case Review and Giveaway

When I travel I love to keep everything organized and safe. I just got back from a Vegas trip for my birthday and this case has become my travel favorite. It may seem small but if you can organize everything it can really fit all your essential. This Korean Dot Travel Makeup Case  has two compartments that can fit your beauty tools and makeup.

Ozeri Bath Scale

If you are looking for a new bath scale Ozeri is the way to go. This is definitely an essential when it comes to staying healthy and watching your weight. Ozeri is a brand I absolutely love and trust. I received Ozeri Precision Digital Bath Scale to review.  It is a modern design and can weights up to 400 pounds (not that anyone would want to get that big lol). It is a sleek design and it activates when you step on it, so  no more on and off button. 

Save and get money back with Ebates

As the holidays are getting closer you are probably already thinking about shopping. I am here to save you some money by introducing you to Ebates. I have used it for a couple of years and I have found the best deals when I do online shopping. They have discounts on my favorites stores, Victoria's Secret, Sephora, Macy's, Forever 21, J Crew and more. You get coupon codes and a percentage of money given back to you when it accumulates. You also get a gift card for signing up and making a purchase. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain! You can sign up using HERE!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Links are referral links.

Birthday Outfit

My birthday was on October 30 and my amazing Hubby took me to Vegas to celebrate this is what I wore!

Las Vegas Birthday Trip

Titanic Exhibition Luxor Las Vegas
Replica of Staircase

Fist Class Bedroom

Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat

Secret Graden OOTD

What I wore:  Express Faux Leather Jacket H&M Burgandy Dress H&M Semi Shiny Tights Just Fab Fabiola Boots

Simplicity Cosmetic Mineral Makeup

You all know how much I love natural makeup and this time was so impressed with this new Simplicity Cosmetic Vegan eyeshadow. Not only is this amazing because it is natural but it is hand crafted with natural minerals and very affordable. The owner of Simplicity Cosmetics, Sarah makes vegan eyeshadows, lip balms, blush, bronzer, foundation and many more. You can look for them at her Etsy shop. I received the eyeshadow to review in color Toast along with 4 mini samplers in Rose Gold, Honey, Bronze and Stone.

Simple Guide to regifting

The holidays are close and you are already thinking about what to get for family and friends. But you also have some gifts you have received from last Christmas, birthdays, or anniversary. You want to save money but you are not sure if you should re gift? Well I have simple rules for you to follow when re-gifting!

1. Don't Re gift within the same group, For example giving a  gift other people saw you get. Say I got a dress that is just not my type still new with tags from a family member and you re gift to a sister or cousin...that is a NO, NO!

2. Don't give away anything that was handmade or personalized. If there was sentimental value put into the gift just keep it or get rid of it.

3. Ensure Items are not monogrammed or engraved that would be a huge mistake.

4. Give current items or classic pieces. Things that would not go out of style. You don't want to give something that was on trend 2 years ago.

5. Always make sure things are clean. I remember someone gave a friend…