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Little Black Bag First Order

 I am sure you have all heard about the Little Black Bag, it is an online store where you purchase items and you are given a certain time to trade with other LBB customers which sounds great...kinda. So you choose your first item either alone for a fixed rate or buy a bundle (all prices vary). I chose a bundle because I wanted to experience the whole trading and because lets face it I love to shop. My first item was this black patent Hello Kitty purse I have purchased in the past at Sanrio. I originally had paid $65 but this one was $45 with a bundle of 2 more items. My old bag has some wear and tear and it has been one of my favorites for years now.

Traded Items

My experience:
I do believe I am saving money and that the website has great variety and prices but I do not like the "trading" process. I got hundreds of trade offers to trade by bag for a bunch of cheap lotions or makeup that equaled the retail value...still not worth it in my opinion. My trading experience was terrible in my opinion my email was filled with offers and I got alerts at all times of day. I liked the items I got in the end but I think they have to add better things to trade. I ended up saving less than the retail value of my initial order. So would I shop here again...maybe not...or maybe a single item without the trading.

Disclosure: Products were purchased by myself I did not receive any compensation for this post.


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