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DIY Studded Collar

Hi guys, I wanted to share a fun, cheap diy to change your wardrove a bit. Like I said this is very cheap you can add these studs to any shirt you already own. You can purchase these studs on ebay, amazon, or your local craft store.

What you need:
A collared shirt
Studs (ebay $1 for 100)

There are many patterns you can do on the collar, I choose this simple classic style stating with the tip of the triangle. Lay the studs along the collar to dicide how many you will need and how far apart you want them to be.

Next fold the prongs of the studs inward to secure them. You can use your fingers, but it gets painful after doing a few. So quarter is just something everyone has readily.

Repeat steps until you’ve studded the collar of your t-shirt.

You can stop anywhere you wish or keep on going for a dramatic look.

The back should look like this! And that is all, you have your updated shirt, the trend is still here and studs are always in style. You can keep going by adding studs on the shoulder, the pockets, or along the front to replace the buttons.


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