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DIY Studded Collar

Hi guys, I wanted to share a fun, cheap diy to change your wardrove a bit. Like I said this is very cheap you can add these studs to any shirt you already own. You can purchase these studs on ebay, amazon, or your local craft store.

What you need:
A collared shirt
Studs (ebay $1 for 100)

There are many patterns you can do on the collar, I choose this simple classic style stating with the tip of the triangle. Lay the studs along the collar to dicide how many you will need and how far apart you want them to be.

Next fold the prongs of the studs inward to secure them. You can use your fingers, but it gets painful after doing a few. So quarter is just something everyone has readily.

Repeat steps until you’ve studded the collar of your t-shirt.

You can stop anywhere you wish or keep on going for a dramatic look.

The back should look like this! And that is all, you have your updated shirt, the trend is still here and studs are always in style. You can keep going by adding stud…

Portfolio Show!

Thanks guys for your patience and sorry for being out for so long. As many of you guys know I was attending the Art Institute for Fashion and I am happy to inform everyone I am done with school. I am so happy to have finished my bachelors degree. I worked so hard for 4 years and it finally payed off. So the reason I was out was because I was preparing for my portfolio show, which was last Tuesday. I took a little break which I though I deserved lol. Here are the pictures my lovely Hubby took for me.

With Friend and Blogger Kim from Money Tight Fashions 

Portfolio Book from Pina Zangaro Decor was purchased from Home Goods Business Cards purchased from Takeaways from Vistaprint Shoes from Just Fab, Shoedazzle and Guess

NAAT Brazilian Keratin Product Review

I was excited to received a  set of 5 NAAT Brazilian Keratin Products from nuNAAT to review. As many of you guys know it can be difficult at times to keep your hair healthy. Before I begin I want to list the items I received:  Deep Moistourizing Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Mask, Leave-In Reconstructor, and Ultra Shine Serum.

Works with all hair typesRepairs cuticle damageRegenerates and strengthens hair fibersRestores natural shine and softnessSeals hair cuticlesReduces volume and frizzMakes hair resilient and healthyFormaldehyde and sodium chloride free

Splurge on This! Beauty Edition

OK so hear is the deal with makeup, You want everything when you see it because you think you need that brand or from that store. You really don't and you end up wasting money on makeup you never or rarely use. So here I will tell you what items you can splurge on and what items you can purchase anywhere else.

Splurge on this:
1. Foundation This is one of the most important ones because this is going on your entire face and neck area and you want something that fits your skin type & right shade. Higher end brands tend to give you more options for your special needs; if you have oily skin or sensitive skin you are sure to find something that is right for you.

2. Eyebrows I think this is important because it is what frames your face and it is a very noticeable aspect that you cant ignore. I know it can be ruff at times when you are in a hurry but with practice you can master it and it will only take you minutes. Spending a little more on grooming does a lot because you then hav…

Sweetheart Voxbox

Every time I receive a VoxBox I get excited. This is my third box and the first of 2013. This time I received the Sweetheart VoxBox. Inside was: