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Hello Kitty Forever 21 Review

Hello Everyone, so I mentioned the Hello Kitty Collection for Forever 21. I  took a little while to write this post because I have been super busy at school. This is what I got from the collection. I had also purchased the Chococat peplum top and a really cute beanie I had to return because it had some thread that was coming apart. I loved this collection I think they have really cute stuff and I would have purchased more items but I feel like I have to be at the store and try out the stuff (to avoid returns). There was a problem at all the Forever 21 stores I went to, they did not have a lot of items I was interested in. If you wish to purchase I believe they are still stocked online and a few at the stores but let me warn you it is a mess.  

This is one of my favorites. I love the print and I love the fit. It is very warm and the only bad thing about it was that if you stretch it you can see that the hounds-tooth print is on top of the fabric as opposed to on the fabric. This I believe was $27 it is no longer online but maybe you can find it at the store.

These another of my favorite. I was a bit hesitant about purchasing these because I have never worn anything so printed specially in black and white. One was $14 and the other one was $17. I love the fabric on right or top depending on what pic. I tough they were going to be the same but they weren't either way I love them.

And these were my least favorite because I wore the gold bow earrings and they fell off within minutes. 

You can still catch a few items ONLINE! Items are selling out! If you got a chance to purchase pieces from the collection you can share your comments, pic etc. I would like to know what you think about them and if you have a way of wearing them.


Those sneakers are really cute :).
Sweetsillysara said…
I am crazy for the sneakers!
Visceral Maze said…
those shoes are adorable. love the earrings too.

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