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Free Just Fab Shoes!

Hurry and grab this deal…For a limited time only….JustFab has designer quality shoes and boots for FREE (plus a $5 money maker!!!)…grab yours now before it ends…the shoes are AWESOME quality…you will LOVE them  Go HERE now!!!

Don’t want or need more shoes…well this deal just got better you can grab a handbag, jewelry or apparel for FREE instead!!

Here’s how to score this deal:
1. Sign up for FREE at JustFab
2. Take a short style quiz.
3. SHOP!!! Choose your shoes and add them to your cart.
4. CLICK on checkout…TODAY you get receive 50% off!! (Makes them $19.95)
5. You will get a FREE magazine subscription. If you click on Entertainment Weekly it has a $25 Value (Note: You will need to click “Pick Another One” to find the Entertainment weekly)
6. Click “View Details” a form will pop up with your notice for the FREE subscription…Print this form then submit the rebate and you will receive a check for $25 (in 6-8 weeks)
7. CELEBRATE your 100% off=FREE + a $5 moneymaker shoes!!! Plus F…

Bag Blaze Review & Giveaway

Hello everyone,
I am really excited like always to share a great site with everyone. I got the opportunity to review one on Bag Blaze handbags. I chose the Ipad Case. This is not just any type of cases this is a really useful and cute one. I fell in love with this bag because I have bought plenty of cases for my Ipad and I have felt like they are all a waste of money. But with this one everything changed. I love the texture, the color of the fabric, I love how easy it is to use. You can stand your Ipad with the whole case. You can use the other side to store your personal belongings such as your cell phone, credit cards, letters, money etc. I got a black one because I thought it would match with more outfits. Again because you can use it as an accessory it has 2 ways to hold it, like a briefcase (handle is hidden on the side) and a wristlet.
BagBlaze has a great selection of handbags for every taste. They offer daily deals with hand picked styles all for just under $39.95. Plus FREE S…

Trend Alert: Pretty Velvets

Campus Book Rentals

Hello Lovelies,
As you know I am a college student at a very expensive school lol. I am always looking for ways to save money. I found a great website where you can rent your textbooks at a low cost. You really save a lot plus you don't have to overcrowd your bookshelves with textbooks you will never use again. It is a hassle to try and sell your textbooks and they change the edition every half a year it seems. So what you initially paid say $100 is not to a mere $20. What a waste of money! Depending on the amount of courses you take buying textbooks can get pretty expensive and for those of you in school you know what I mean. Campus Book Rentals allows you to rent the textbook for the amount of time that you need it, then you simply return it. These are a few of the books that we need at school take a look at the prices! (Click on the images for the prices)

Some perks are:
-save 40-90% off of bookstore prices
-free shipping both ways
-can highlight in the textbooks
-flexible ren…

Blogging Changes

Hello Everyone,
I want to thank everyone for following my blog. I also want to welcome all my newer fans. My blog was initially fashion only and I then expanded to beauty but recently I have gotten some great opportunities to work with great products and work with amazing bloggers. Though my focus is still in fashion and beauty I will be making my blog about more than that. Sharing my experiences about anything whether it has to do with school, traveling, art etc. I will also be sharing great giveaways that anyone can enter. My product reviews and giveaways are for you my readers and I am in no way compensated for reviewing or doing giveaways. Everything I publish is my own honest opinion. Thank you again for being loyal and please take advantage of the great giveaways I share with you. I have provided a page tab "giveaways" for your convenience. Please feel free to comment or suggest anything you like.
Thank You

Roaring Springs Paper Giveaway

About Roaring Springs Paper Company "Roaring Spring Blank Book is now one of the largest independently owned producers of school and
office supplies. Special high speed equipment not only produces notebooks, pads, and tablets, but construction paper, poster board, and pocket folders. Complimenting the production equipment is an in-house printing operation that provides fast service and assures consistent quality for the numerous direct order print jobs received from private customers such as colleges and universities. Through five generations and more than 100 years Roaring Spring Blank Book Company has grown from a hand-full of customers to thousands of accounts nationwide. Never the less, the company has not lost sight of founder D.M. Bare's original commitments to quality products and community involvement."  The Sublime Media Connection had the pleasure of trying several paper products from Roaring Springs Paper Company. Sara shares her post on the Sublime bl…

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Fall Must Haves

Fall is here and it is my favorite time of year. I love trench coats, boots, chunky knits! I am very excited because it also means its shopping for this years must haves. I don't know if you have noticed but every year its the same basic items but with different detail. Whatever you choose to buy make sure that you will be able to wear it in years to come. I always stress this because as a college student you don't always get the chance to splurge on all items. My splurge items are always dresses, coats, jackets, and shoes. Everything else I might purchase at a cheaper price just because they are either trendy or not something that can be transitional between seasons.

So here is the list of the Fall Must Haves:
1. Trench Coat with Leather Trimming
2. Animal Motif Sweater
3. Wide Waist Belt
4. Pussy Bow Blouse
5. Collar Necklace
6. Peplum Skirt or Dress
7. Wedge High Tops

Zevia All Natural Soda Review & Giveaway

I recently started a "diet" because I noticed that I have been eating too much junk food and its hard to let go of everything all at once. One of the hardest thing to let go off is soft drinks. I know people that have made soft drinks their every day essential. For those of you who love drinking soda and want to stop this is a great alternative. Zevia contains plant based sweeteners that have no sugar and only a small amount of carbohydrates this makes Zevia drinks only 7 grams per can. Regular sodas have around 30 grams of sugar and typical diet sodas are sweetened with artificial sweeteners. Zevia is a NO Calorie, NO Gluten, No Net Carbs and NO Artificial Flavors. You can go to their blog and find ways to use Zevia in recipes or DIY to reuse the cans.