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Las Vegas Day 1

View from our window
Hello everyone, the reason I haven't been on lately is because I had the opportunity to attend the MAGIC Trade Show in Vegas. So we left on Monday and we stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel. I was not happy. I had booked the hotel almost 2 months ahead of time to avoid situations like this. I received a 2 bedroom room when I only needed one bed. At the beginning I was looking at the bad side of the hotel and all their imperfections because I was upset about the price and room mix-up.

The Good and the Bad at Hard Rock Hotel:


  1. Great Music
  2. Great Atmosphere
  3. Great Decor (love the furniture, wallpaper, color scheme)
  4. Loved the bedding (I slept like a
  5. Walking distance from CVS
  6. Close to Convention Center
  7. Complimentary Wi-Fi
  8. Complimentary shuttles to strip
  9. Pools are great (best ones i've seen)
  10. Great View


  1. High Prices on rooms
  2. Mini Bar was not what expected (7.50 for a $1.50 SmartWater)
  3. It could be cleaner (dusty furniture, old shower curtains)
  4. Complimentary Soap, Shampoo and Conditioner were dry and sticky.
  5. Far from strip
  6. There is a limited amount of food options: Few Restaurants
  7. Long lines at registration 

So staying at the Hard Rock was not that bad at the end we got a $100 dollar refund only to pay $200 for 3 days 2 night stay. If they had said that sooner they would of avoided my complaining and headache.

So my advise to you is never use it is the worst website I have ever used for traveling purposes. They ask for your credit card information and for what! The hotel said it does not secure your spot and there is no discount.


I know what you mean about hotels and traveling problems, this year, in Paris, was the first time I had a vacation were we had no problems with the room, water, we were really close to everything.
That view you had is amazing.
Crystal Medina said…
I know it wasn't that bad but they could of saved me a day of bad mood! The Hard Rock was far from the strip! Oh and the view was better on the other side during the day it was nothing but buildings lol

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